Welcome to the BiiSafe Family

Our Story

BiiSafe develops, markets, manufactures and sells software, accessories and service platforms for security and wellness purposes. The vision of the company is to offer advanced and easy-to-use safety and wellness enhancing products to customers and organisations.
Over 50.000 units of the Red Dot design award winning BiiSafe Buddy have been sold and delivered in about 30 countries. Buddy can be used to locate valuable items (keys, wallet etc), to share location, to follow your pet’s movement and to improve corporate security. Exports account for more than 90 % of company’s sales. BiiSafe has divided its B2B customers in six sub-segments: company and school security (school personnel and company staff), key vendors (car business, real estate industry, locksmiths …), security services companies, insurance companies, corporate gift companies and B2B2C electronics distributors. In addition, BiiSafe sells its item finder, personal safety and pet products directly to customers via its own web shop.
The company has defined its offering to each customer segment, and it offers to each of its customers a one-off service component and a recurring SaaS (or HaaS) component. First reference customers from e.g. school security sector have appreciated the intuitiveness and ease of use of the BiiSafe system. Global mega-trends, especially urbanisation, ageing of population, increased feeling of poor security, digitalisation of services and growth of security sector support strongly the growth potential of BiiSafe.
The three biggest owners of the company are its founders Jouni Suutarinen, Pekka Kettunen and the Gaselli Capital Oy. The company’s structure and processes have been planned and implemented to facilitate rapid up-scaling and global go-to-market. The team is highly international and multi-cultural and has a versatile work experience. Company’s values are: excellence in customer service, growing together, continuous improvement, and the will to do and succeed.
The company’s future focus is the development of sales, marketing and service platform. The company is seeking rapid and profitable growth in international markets.