Ultimate call-for-help button for kids, seniors and others!

Everybody may face a situation where it is important to call for help. This is especially important for kids and seniors living alone.

This need was the very origin of BiiSafe - we had parents living alone. And we had kids whose whereabouts and doings we were worried about. We wanted to offer them a handy, non-disturbing and trustworthy service, which would improve their living and would give peace of mind to them and us. We invented BiiSafe Buddy!

How it works:

CASE 1: Old mom living alone.

Mom does not have a smartphone but she is an active user of tablet. We gave her a Buddy, uploaded free BiiSafe Buddy app to the tablet. And paired the Buddy with the tablet. Mom keeps the Buddy hanging as a necklace. It is light-weight and stylish, so she wants to carry it anywhere - e.g. in garden or when doing her daily works at home.

If she needs help, she presses the button of the Buddy for 2 seconds, the Buddy sends alert signal to the tablet. And the tablet sends the message via cloud to the persons that we have added to her “Circle”. In our case the circle consists of three sons, but it can be freely defined.

Alert is then sent to us - three sons. We know that there might be something wrong with the mom, and we understand to call her or drive to see, if everything is ok.

This has been found to be very user friendly and it has generated a lot of piece of mind to the mom and to us.

CASE 2: Kids

For kids we could have made a similar service as for the mom. However, they don’t really use tablets but they are very active users of their smart-phones.

So we gave them Buddies and uploaded the free app to the smartphones.

For us parents the alert functionality is very important. Also kids understand that there may be situations where a rapid and un-noticed alerting is important. In addition they - especially teenagers, who hate us calling to them on Friday evenings - appreciate the location sharing functionality. We have agreed that they use Buddy to share location two or three times during their evening adventures. We get a push message (and also map co-ordinates) - and a lot of peace-of-mind. And kids appreciate that they have loving parents (but that they do not have to make it visible to their friends!)

Kids seem to appreciate also the item-finding functionality of the Buddy. No more lost phones or key-rings!