Find lost keys or phone with BiiSafe Buddy

With BiiSafe Buddy you will never lose your keys or phone again!

BiiSafe Buddy is an accessory and app for Apple and Android devices. Free cloud service is included to store and share your log events if you wish.

Use BiiSafe Buddy to:

BiiSafe Buddy connects to your mobile device with Bluetooth Smart, the newest Bluetooth connection standard with low power consumption. The range is max. 10-30 meters / 30-100 feet. Buddy requires our free key finder app installed on your mobile device.

Finding lost keys with BiiSafe Buddy

Find lost keys inside the house or car


Keys ring

1) Attach BiiSafe Buddy to your keychain.

2) Pair your Buddy with the app.

3) Your phone and keys are now connected!

You can connect up to five Buddies to the same device (Apple only).


Search and find your keys

Press Find in the app to trigger BiiSafe Buddy's sound and lights.

The app also indicates the estimated distance between your phone and keys.

You can search each Buddy individually.

Learn how to find your phone.

"I'm using 2 Buddys: one for my keys, and one is in my wallet. And I'm happy with them.
- Michael, Germany

Free iOS app

Download BiiSafe Buddy app from App Store

Download iOS version here
or search for "BiiSafe Buddy" in App Store.

Compatible with iPhone 4S, 5 and newer, iPad3 and newer, iPad mini.

Free Android app

Download BiiSafe Buddy app from Google Play

Download Android version here
or search for "BiiSafe Buddy" in Google Play.

Requires Android version 4.3 or newer. *

* Android app supports having only 1 BiiSafe Buddy connected to the mobile device. This is due the restrictions on Android platform.

Bluetooth disconnected message

See where you left your keys or phone

Keys or phone on a map

Left your keys or phone behind? You'll see the last know location of your keys - or phone - on a map view.

Your phone will automatically save the location of lost Bluetooth connection to our online service.

Note that BiiSafe Buddy can't be used to track people or things continuously.

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Alert notification on iPhone

Find your phone

Use sound to find phone

Press the button on Buddy to trigger sounds from the phone and locate your phone - even when it's silenced. *

Last known location of you phone is saved to BiiSafe Circle when Bluetooth connection is lost.

* The BiiSafe Buddy app is affected by the media volume, not ringtone volume.

BiiSafe Buddy app settings

Set as you wish

GPS location on cloud

You can control the features in the app settings.

Create a free BiiSafe Buddy account to use the app. You control what information is passed forward.

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BiiSafe Buddy on car keys

Shared location in BiiSafe Buddy app

Enhance your personal safety

Share location

Give Buddy a short press and the app will send a notificaton with your location to everybody sharing the same BiiSafe Circle. They'll see your location on the map of Buddy app.

Fast location sharing »

Call for help

Press and hold Buddy's button and the app will send an alert message with your location to all devices/people in your BiiSafe Circle - without touching your phone.

Easy way to call for help »

Location sharing and alert sending features require a data connection.