Finland 100 Buddy

Introducing the Finland 100th Special Edition Buddy

We are excited to add an extra color to our Buddy family this year as we celebrate the Centennial in Finland.

The Special Edition Buddy comes in White with a Blue Button and is now available on our webstore.

You can get your White and Blue Buddy here



Buddy is a Bluetooth-based smart phone accessory, which is an effective aid for communication and location tracking. Press Buddy to send messages and location to your network. In an emergency, long press to send alarm and location. Buddy also serves as an activity tracker as it will count your steps during the day.

Designer: Petri Tuhkanen from Idem Finland

Designer description of the Buddy:

“Beautiful round edges enfold advanced technology in the small size. Frame of the product is hand polished stainless steel circle, and all the shapes are carefully considered and functional in the same time. The design was to express Scandinavian plainness and functionality. There is just one button to press. The first version of the product was recognized with the highly valued Red Dot design award, and all the details of this second generation product are refined even further.”


Our Story

In 2010, Jouni, one of the founders of BiiSafe Ltd, wanted to help his father who was suffering from Alzheimer’s. Daily walks around a lake did good for dad, but his memory did not work properly and the distance of 300 kilometers between Jouni and his father was difficult.Dad had always keys hanging from the belt loop of his jeans, which influenced the idea of the BiiSafe Buddy that could record dad’s walk. The idea of the BiiSafe Buddy was born.

Buddy is a Bluetooth-enabled smartphone accessory that allows effective communication and tracking. Pressing the Buddy’s button twice sends a message with the map location to closed-ones’ phones. A long press sends a location based alarm in an emergency. Buddy is also an activity tracker which counts your daily activity. Buddy also helps you to keep your valuables safe.

Made in Finland, Buddy works globally. Finnish high-class technology and design have already travelled along with Buddy to dozens of countries. Buddy spreads the feeling of safety and care, near and far.