Find your wallet with a smartphone

BiiSafe Buddy wallet finder

BiiSafe Buddy is a waterproof item tracking accessory for mobile devices. It's connected to your phone via Bluetooth Smart connection (range approx. 50 meters / 150 feet). You can use the free BiiSafe Buddy app on your iOS or Android device as a wallet finder app.

Together with our free cloud service, BiiSafe Circle, you will get the point of lost connection on a map view. Your phone will also notify you - and if you wish, your loved ones - when you've left your wallet behind.

Easy setup

Easy setup

Pair the BiiSafe Buddy with your phone and attach Buddy to your wallet.

Settings available in the app.


Search and find your keys

Press the Find button in the app. You'll see the estimated distance between your phone and wallet. Buddy will make a sound and flash.


Detect when droping keys

BiiSafe Buddy has a built-in motion sensor. Set it to detect even the slightest movement and your phone will make an alarm if your wallet is moved when it's in Bluetooth range.

Track down

GPS location on cloud

In case of loss, the last known connection point between your phone and Buddy is saved to your free BiiSafe Circle account. Check the map in the app or online.

Free iOS and Android app

Finding wallet with BiiSafe Buddy app

You can find your wallet with iPhone, iPad and Android.

BiiSafe Buddy is compatible with iPhone 4S, 5 and newer, iPad3 and newer, and iPad mini.

It also works on Android phones and tablets running Android version 4.3 or newer.

Location data and sharing features require a free BiiSafe Circle account which you can create within the app. Circle features require a data connection to pass the data. Location is always determined by the phone's GPS.

Share data to your loved ones

Shared location in BiiSafe Buddy app

Connect your loved ones to the same BiiSafe Circle and you share all the logs, location data and alerts you set the app to send to your circle. If you lose your wallet, they can see the same logs as you when Buddy disconnects from the phone.

BiiSafe Circle is a cloud service used with the BiiSafe Buddy app. It is used to pass messages generated by the BiiSafe Buddy app from one mobile device to another. Using BiiSafe Circle requires a data connection.

Creating or joining an existing BiiSafe Circle account is free.

Awarded and long lasting design

BiiSafe Buddy is waterproof and shock resistant. It has also been tested in various ways, such as freezing it for 24 hours.

You can replace the standard coin battery inside Buddy. The battery lasts from 3 up to 12 months depending on the usage. No recharging or cables needed.

Bluetooth (4.0) Smart technology uses less battery power than traditional Bluetooth connection.

BiiSafe Buddy has also won the Red Dot product desing award in 2014. You can wear BiiSafe Buddy in multiple ways. Turn it into a necklace, put it on your wrist or attach it to the thing you don't want to lose.