BiiSafe corporate safety solution is ideal for organizations. It helps to improve client and personnel engagement and safety, as well as simplifies the implementation of safety related IoT-based solutions in your company. BiiSafe is proud to be the first smart cloud based safety service with a fully customizable ecosystem that includes IoT and SaaS Safety Solutions to enhance business communication, personnel engagement and safety in your organization.

What is the BiiSafe IoT Safety Ecosystem

The BiiSafe Safety Ecosystem is a platform designed for the creation of customised IoT- and cloud-based safety solutions in a fraction of the time and cost of traditional security systems.

BiiSafe is at the forefront in utilizing smart devices and cloud services for the creation of attractive customised safety solutions.

We are the first fully IoT and Cloud ecosystem offering for creating customized safety solutions for organizations.

The BiiSafe Ecosystem has Digital Central of operations that is easy to use in the BiiSafe Portal, find out more about BiiSafe Portal  and be part of our Safety Revolution. Or contact us to get customized safety solution that fits exactly your organization needs!



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