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Below is a comparison of the most well-known and technically best performing item finders on the market. You can clearly see the differences and Buddy's extra value and features. We are proud of our innovative product and we think that this comparison clearly shows how we rank.


Comparison Table 

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We think that the below are essential functions of an item finder: 

      • The range must be sensibly long: BlueTooth Smart (the most commonly used technology in item finders) facilitates range of 20-50m. We have analysed several item finders on the market and in many cases the design is poor (especially the antenna, which is a truly demanding engineering challenge) so range can be only one or two meters - which completely destroys the usability of the device.
      • Battery life must be long - do not buy an item finder with small battery capacity. It is not worth it if you have to be constantly changing the battery. Some gadgets do not even allow changing the battery, which means that you need to completely replace the device once it is worn out.
      • Sound alerts must be loud enough to be heard, and at the same time sound volume should be customisable. Nothing is more frustrating than an item finder that wakes you up in the night or starts to beep during a meeting or theatre play.
      • Look for high-quality materials. The pocket or bag are the most common places people use to carry things. Denim pants or even the softest fabrics will take take a toll on the artefacts you carry with you. 
      • The most clever products offer also other functionalities - you can share location data with your friends or you can use it as an alarm device (very handy e.g. for seniors, alone workers and kids) and even as a pedometer / basic activity tracker.
In addition, some features are oversold: e.g. there is a lot of talk about crowd GPS, meaning the possibility to harness other and even unknown item finder owners to help in the search of your lost items. This is very appealing. However, this is not truly helpful or possible at the moment because of the low amount of item finders on the market and the relatively low finding range because of BlueTooth technology limitations. In addition, if you want to make your lost finder recognisable by others, you need to set it to send radio signals very frequently and this activity kills the battery very soon. We also find crowd GPS very exciting, but currently it is as real as a SciFi film.