Buddy and App Setup

BiiSafe Buddy – a smart button that makes your life safer

Buddy is a premium product designed for advanced geo-localization, intelligent location sharing, increased safety and measuring your activity. Thanks to Buddy’s superior design and unique color options, you want to keep it with you. The compact Buddy can be attached to your lanyard or keys, making sure it will always be at hand.



Intelligent Location Sharing

You can invite the most important people to your circle and then share your location on a map with them just by pressing your Buddy. Buddy shares your location and reminds about a meeting effortlessly or simply serves as a means of communication between parents and children. Buddy connects people and places on a map.


Finding your things

Buddy makes sure your important things stay safe. Attach a Buddy to your valuable items and it will make sure they stay safe. If you are about to leave something behind, Buddy will alert you. If you lose them anyway, you can use the app to see where you last had them. Buddy makes sure you don't lose your valuable items.


Your Personal Safety Network

Buddy increases your safety when contact with others is just a press of a button away. You can send alerts with your location quickly with the Buddy, so your loved ones can react accordingly Track your activity


Track your activity

Buddy encourages you to live a more active life and invest in your wellbeing. Buddy has a precise motion sensor which counts the steps you take during the day. You can set daily goals regarding your activity and track the progress from the app.

Thank you for choosing the BiiSafe Buddy

We are excited to have you on board. You will now be able to send location and messages privately, trigger alerts and keep track of your belongings.

Follow the following steps to setup your App

1.Download the App

Head over to the Apple Store or Google Play and look for BiiSafe Buddy and then download the App and install it.

2.Check your Bluetooth

Phones may be different but you can usually find the bluetooth function in settings. Make sure it is on. You do not have to connect the Buddy directly, you will connect it later through the App.

3. Register/Sign In

After you have downloaded the App and installed it. It will ask you to create a new username by providing your email and some other basic information.

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4.Connect the Buddy

To connect the Buddy you will have to go to the App and press the Plus (+) Symbol in the screen, once you do press the buddy and you will stablish connection

5.Find your Buddy

To find Buddy you only have to press the buddy icon and press Find Buddy, you will hear the Buddy make noise and be able to find it by following the noise. You can also find it if you have misplaced by pressing Find Buddy in case you lost it.

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6.Set up Activity

To set up your Buddy as an Activity tracker you have to enable it on the Activity Menu. After you have selected the correct Buddy you can set your goal, age, weight and start checking your stats! 

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7.Set up your Circles (Groups)

To be able to communicate with your friends and family in a closed group (called Circle) you have to set it up to. Each Buddy App has the option to create and invite people who are already registered BiiSafe Buddy App users.  

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8.Sending Alerts

Now that your circles have been set up you can send alerts privately through the circles when you press your buddy or directly through the app.  

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9.Replace the Battery

To replace the battery pop open the back buddy using a pen or small key, once you open it up you can replace the battery easily.