Track Your Activity & Communicate with Your Friends within Circles with iOS App Update

Posted by Viktoria Snezhkova on

BiiSafe has updated the iOS BiiSafe Buddy App this March 1st. The updated iOS App version has new functions, which allow you to keep track of your everyday activities through step counting & to communicate easily with your circles directly from the map. 

Use Buddy as an activity tracker. Thanks to it’s built-in motion sensors, Buddy can measure your daily steps right from your pocket!

The new map messaging service allows you to send and receive messages from your friends & families (circles) within maps - easily & safely!

The The new app-version for Apple is here 3.2.0.

BiiSafe Buddy in brief:


BiiSafe Buddy in brief:

 BiiSafe Budy is a small smartphone accessory which works together with a mobile app. 

Buddy allows activity tracking, messaging, location sharing and sending alert messages to desired people. Buddy also helps you to take care of your valuables and track them down, if you leave them behind. 



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