New Android App Release on Dec 15th 2016

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BiiSafe Ltd

New Android App Release on Dec 15th 2016

BiiSafe has released the new Android App. Several BiiSafe Buddy devices can be attached to the new app version. 

The new app allows to improve safety and keep important items safe, as several Buddy’s can be attached to the app. This allows, for example, to attach several Buddy’s to valuables, and carrying one Buddy as a safety button with the user.

The number of supported devices varies between Android phone models and manufacturers.

The app supports also step counter feature of the New Generation Buddy. Activity tracking feature can be used e.g. as the Buddy is placed in a pocket, or with the help of the Kalevala Buddy necklace.


Contact person:
Jouni Suutarinen, COO BiiSafe Ltd., +358 40 158 0858

BiiSafe Buddy in brief:
BiiSafe Buddy is a small smartphone accessory which works together with a mobile app. Buddy allows messaging, location sharing and sending alarm messages to desired people. Buddy also helps you to take care of your valuables and track them down, if you leave them behind. 

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