BiiSafe’s products to broader distribution in the United Kingdom

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BiiSafe begins co-operation with GPSK Ltd, known as reseller of high quality mobile devices.

BiiSafe, a Finnish company, offers highly versatile and advanced IoT wearables to improve safety and well-being of both individuals and organizations. The Company’s vision is to combine its products, software and service platform into a seamless global package.

GPSK Ltd is a distributor of mobile phones, accessories, GPS devices and other electronic devices and software. GPSK has a broad reseller network in the UK and the annual turnover of 50 Million GBP.

BiiSafe and GPSK assigned a distribution agreement to Britain. GPSK promotes and penetrates BiiSafe’s products to the local markets through its distribution channel, and the company also communicates and promotes BiiSafe’s products in trade shows, exhibitions and media. GPSK has a great following in GPS items, and BiiSafe’s products are considered to fit well to the existing product range.

”BiiSafe seems to have great products and we are excited to join them in our range. We feel very enthusiastic about the beginning co-operation and the sales team’s response has been positive”, says Asad Mahmood, Accessory Buyer of GPSK.

”We are very pleased to the agreement with GPSK Ltd. The agreement fits well to our strategy and it enables selling BiiSafe’s products to considerably wider customer base in the UK. GPSK has already over four million customers and they are known as reselling high quality mobile devices” tells BiiSafe’s Sales and Marketing Director Marko Katro.


Contact person:

Marko Katro, Sales and Marketing Director, BiiSafe Ltd., +358 40 770 3996


BiiSafe in brief:
BiiSafe Ltd. is a Finnish company founded in 2011 that develops, markets, manufactures and sells software, peripherals and service platforms related to security and wellness services. BiiSafe provides advanced and easy-to-implement products and services which enhance security and well-being of both individuals and organizations. The Company’s vision is to create a security and wellness service platform, which combines the Company's products and services into a globally working seamless and be easy-to-use package.

GPSK in brief:
GPSK Ltd is british distributor of mobile devices and accessories. GPSK has a broad reseller net covering 4 million existing customers and the annual turnover of 50 Million GBP. Company’s GPS items has a great following in the UK.

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