BiiSafe receives €250,000 Tekes funding

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BiiSafe is moving on to the second phase of a YIC Tekes funding. The funding is granted for accelerating the international growth.  

BiiSafe enhances everyday safety and quality of life of both individuals and companies with highly versatile and easy to use products and services. BiiSafe’s product family consists of BiiSafe Buddy hardware and cloud services. Buddy is a compact smartphone accessory which can be used to e.g. location sharing and alerting. BiiSafe’s vision is to combine its software, hardware and cloud solutions into a global security and wellness service platform. 

BiiSafe is accepted to a Young Innovative Company (YIC) Tekes funding service which consists of three phases. BiiSafe has now moved on to the second phase of the YIC funding which allows the Company to pursue strong growth. 

The YIC funding is intended to help startup companies grow rapidly in the international markets. Tekes selects the most promising, rapidly growing startups which have a scalable business model and the opportunity for fast growth in international markets. BiiSafe receives Tekes funding in the second phase €250,000 as a grant. The Company’s goal is to move on also to the third phase of the funding in the future. Tekes funding in the third phase amounts €750,000 as a loan. 

”The co-operation with Tekes has been really rewarding. Beside the private funding, Tekes has been a strong contributor in creating a new business in Finland from the very beginning of the Company’s history. The funding and professional support of Tekes have been very important to BiiSafe as the Company has worked goal-oriented to achieve the defined vision. Also the largest owner, Gaselli Capital Ltd attends equity fund and is strongly engaged to develop the Company to achieve the goal”, says BiiSafe’s CEO Sauli Kiuru.

”It is remarkably important that we got admitted to the second phase of the YIC funding, as the second generation Buddy receives almost daily promising evaluations from the potential retailers. The Company will sign new international co-operation agreements soon”, Kiuru continues. ”I am very trustful that Company has good growth possibilities in the future.” 

Contact person:

Sauli Kiuru, CEO, BiiSafe Ltd, +358 40 526 2410


BiiSafe in brief:

BiiSafe Ltd. is a Finnish company founded in 2011 that sells, markets, manufactures and develops software, peripherals and service platforms related to security and wellness services. BiiSafe provides advanced and easy-to-implement products and services which enhance security and well-being of both individuals and organizations. BiiSafe’s vision is to combine its software, hardware, and cloud solutions into a global security and wellness service platform.

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