BiiSafe Ltd and Mastermark Oy to start cooperation

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BiiSafe and the leading Finnish supplier of business gifts Mastermark have signed a co-operation agreement

Recently launched new generation BiiSafe Buddy device is now a part of Mastermark’s product range

Buddy is a compact smartphone accessory that helps protect what is truly important – family and belongings. Pressing the Buddy button shares your location or sends an alert to your family. Attaching the Buddy to keys or other valuables makes them easy to find with a smartphone app. 

BiiSafe and Mastermark offer a wide variety of branding options. Companies can now have their logo engraved on each device.

”First there were smartwatches and smart wristbands. Now people can put smart technology for example into keys. Buddy alerts you if you are about the leave your keys behind, and shows the exact location of where you last had them. Buddy also helps you and your loved ones feel safer. With its great features and award-winning design, the Buddy is the perfect business gift for anyone”, says BiiSafe’s CEO Sauli Kiuru.

”BiiSafe has a great product in an exciting and growing industry”, says Mastermark’s CEO Lauri Honka. ”We are happy to get this new product into our range and help BiiSafe grow. Buddy is an innovative device that actually improves your everyday life. That’s why it is an excellent branded business gift”, continues Lauri Honka.

BiiSafe has already delivered over 50.000 Buddy devices to 30 countries. International sales account for more than 90% of all orders. Mastermarkt will start selling BiiSafe’s latest product that has just entered the market.  

Contact persons:

Sauli Kiuru, CEO, BiiSafe Ltd +358 40 526 2410


Lauri Honka, CEO, Mastermark Oy, +358 400 228 020


BiiSafe in brief:
BiiSafe Ltd. is a Finnish company founded in 2011 that develops and markets software, devices and service platforms related to security and wellness. BiiSafe improves security of both individuals and companies with easy to use technology. BiiSafe’s vision is to combine its software, hardware, and cloud solutions into a global security and wellness service platform.

Mastermark in brief:
Mastermark is the leading supplier of business gifts and sales promotion products in Finland. The company is established in 1978. Two companies belong to the concern group, Mastermark Oy and Mastermark Brands Oy. The company has 90 employees and in 2015 the company had €18 million turnover. | | | | | |

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