BiiSafe Buddy Assists Persons who are Blind or Visually Impaired

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BiiSafe Buddy will be integrated into BlindSquare application. BiiSafe signed a co-operation agreement with  BlindSquare application developer, Finnish MIPsoft Ltd. 

BiiSafe improves safety and wellness of both individuals and companies with easy to use and highly advanced products and services. BiiSafe’s product family consists of BiiSafe Buddy hardware and cloud services. Buddy is a compact smartphone accessory which can be used for location sharing and alerting. BiiSafe’s vision is to combine its software, hardware and cloud solutions into a global security and wellness service platform. 

BlindSquare is an application developed by the Finnish MIPsoft Ltd, that enhances everyday life of blind and visually impaired people by using new technology. BlindSquare tracks user’s location, gives information about the surroundings and guides the user to a desired destination. BlindSquare has active users internationally and it is available in 25 languages for iPhone and iPad. BlindSquare, approaching 20,000 users globally, is available for purchase on the App Store. 

The integration of the BiiSafe Buddy and BlindSquare allows people who are blind or have low vision to have safer everyday life. Characteristic of the Buddy is the combination of a small size and high level of design, so it can easily be carried in a pocket, as with a lanyard or as a key chain attached to keys. Buddy allows you to communicate with your family and friends without touching your mobile phone. Buddy's can make valuables easy to find using unique sounds for each device. Buddy alerts if you are about to forget your valuables.  

MIPsoft integrates BlindSquare and the BiiSafe Buddy app by using a SDK (Software Development Kit) provided by BiiSafe. The integration provides possibilities that make the everyday life easier and safer for people who are blind or visually impaired, such as easy location sharing, finding your valuables with the help of sound, sending an alert and using the Buddy for measuring temperature. Buddy's will be available through BlindSquare as an in-app purchase. 

“Product development of the BlindSquare app has been conducted in co-creation with a group of end users. What is the main focus in the development, is safety: How to control your mobile phone in a way that allows your hands to hold a white cane or a dog harness? BiiSafe Buddy offers useful way for this, as a user can control important functions with a wireless button. Buddy also has a speaker that helps to find objects such as a hotel room door as other devices can play a sound by using the BlindSquare”, says MIPsoft CEO Ilkka Pirttimaa.

“We are especially happy to see SDK utilizing business opportunities to be realized. Integrating the Buddy with BlindSquare provides valuable benefits for persons who are blind or visually impaired in their everyday life. Also other groups with special needs are interested in our solutions. Diabetics, for example, can use Buddy as a safety device in emergency”, says BiiSafe COO Jouni Suutarinen. 


Contact persons:

Jouni Suutarinen, COO, BiiSafe Ltd, +358 40 158 0858


Ilkka Pirttimaa, CEO, MIPsoft Ltd, +358 50 389 0022

BiiSafe in brief:

BiiSafe was established in 2011 in Finland. It sells, markets, manufactures and develops software, accessories and service platforms to safety and wellness purposes. BiiSafe offers its products and services to consumers, companies and other organisations. BiiSafe’s vision is to combine its software, hardware, and cloud solutions into a global security and wellness service platform.

MIPsoft in brief:

MIPsoft Ltd, founded in 1989, is a Finnish software company that develops smartphone applications. The company has developed BlindSqure app that assists blinds in everyday life with the newest technology by utilizing location information and speech synthesis. BlindSquare is available in 25 languages and the user community is international. More information about BlindSquare:


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