Testimonial: Why Buddy simplified my life

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Why did I get myself a Buddy? As many of us, I have a very busy life: children, work etc. and I used to lose very often my keys and other stuff too – like my wallet. 

So when I saw that there is a brand new technology that can allow me to track my belongings I ordered a "real Buddy" that can help me keep everything connected. And after a few months of use, I can tell you that I didn't lose my keys anymore and that it worked really great for me. 

It’s very well built compared to the other systems I have seen or tried and it has really great features. I found it essential that at first I was like “Why didn’t they created it before? It would have spared me so much time!”.

I loved it so much that I bought 4 extra ones to share with my family for my 2 girls and you know what? They find it very fancy and really cool. Now we can share our location by a simple push on our Buddy which is really very comforting.

To conclude, I would say that my Buddy always got my back for the stuff I used to lose and for my family. I really recommend it to anyone and it will always be useful.

The Buddies have simplified my everyday life and taken some of my worries away.

 Nasser A.,Brussels, Belgium


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