The 7th Sense - Sense of Whereabouts

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The way we observe the universe has not changed much since the first Homo Sapiens ruled the earth leading up to the technological revolution. Within the first centennials of the revolution people made major contributions that would enhance the use of existing senses.

For example binoculars, eye classes, hearing aides etc. helped to significantly improve eye-sight and hearing. Even the way we perceive colours nowadays is said to be different than before. So we can very well say that our senses have been improving in time. The 20th and 21st centuries took us above time and space constrains as radio, television and the Internet changed the way we live our lives.

The Internet and wireless communication revolution set us free of space and time constraints, making us independent from our own surrounding and transporting us to different locations million of miles away in a matter of seconds. People can now be reached whenever and wherever, and the cost and burden of communication changed content creation and delivery into a more or less public good.

Similar to what we in the Nordics call "everyman’s right to land", "everyman's right to information" nowadays became a worldwide concept. The Internet-of-Things, IoT, continues this development in an even more exciting way. Earlier developments have made delivery of information and knowledge, as well as dialogue much easier, smoother and well-documented (although it's true that at the same time it also created a huge over-flow of data that challenged high-quality content creation hubs like newspapers). However, these developments have mainly enhanced our EXISTING senses. With IoT we can go a step further - to support those senses that have hardly ever existed before.

The rationale of BiiSafe's existence arises from this exciting possibility. With IoT we are able to understand our universe in a different way, especially the people and the things within the universe: what is where, when it arrived and when it left and whether these events were expected or unexpected. The fundamental part of this is that we are developing towards a direction where this knowledge and events will not be an active decision or act of a human being anymore. Instead, we get used to the fact that networked sensors are collecting that information for us, delivering it and detecting deviations in the way we want them to be detected and delivered.

This is why we can very well call it the 7th sense. Some authors call "the 7th sense" the level of pure knowledge. The understanding of whereabouts will change from active doing to a passive sensing, where the scope of sensing is enhanced massively by IoT. And where detected deviations from expected whereabouts trigger such processes that users intend to trigger. 

Naturally, there are concerns about data security, anonymity, ownership of data, as well as user experience in this process. At the same time, there are major technical issues to be tackled regarding radio technology, battery efficiency, data transfer and different communication protocols. Still - we believe that it is a very rare event for a company to witness the birth of a new sense. And this keeps us extremely excited.


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