The non-invasive type of Connectivity

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Connectivity is a word thrown around all the time and it is usually only used in tech jargon to show connectivity between devices. We do not use it the same way in social aspects but it would be a natural step forward in this technology-flooded world to make it synonymous in both the world of technology and daily life. 

Connectivity between people by definition has to be more than the casual Facebook post or the annoying snap of someone's meal. It's about knowing where someone is without actually being a disruptive force in their life. 

The Buddy device and the Buddy App are designed to make connectivity among people possible. It is possible to create groups (circles) within the App where you can add your friends and family, share location and send alerts without having to make this public.

The idea of having a button separated from the phone to do this is that it makes it easier to access in all situations and it also works as a key & items finder when you need it. We can say that the Buddy is the modern equivalent of the Lost in Space (Movie/TV Show) where the Robinson Family has a life watch where they can monitor their whereabouts and make sure they are alive (we are not that dramatic, but knowing the location of your loved ones is actually something good).

The Buddy has become part of some of our users' routine as they update their location privately with their kin sharing short messages that allow them to be part of each other's life without pushing annoying updates on all their social media contacts.  

At the press of a button you can interact in a way that was not possible before - a call explaining where you are might be too vague, a Facebook post too public or a snap too time-consuming. By configuring the message in the App with a simple HERE I AM or a HELLO you can easily push it several times a day when you want your family to know where you are and keep you in mind.

Technology doesn't have to mean loss of touch with your surroundings, it can actually be a tool to stay connected in the background, a tool available to know your loved ones are safe. 

How much can a push of a button disturb someone's routine? Probably less than keeping up with the constant bombardment of social media feeds from people you don't even talk to.

If you want the world to know where you are use there are plenty of social media for that. But if you want a little bit more privacy the BiiSafe Buddy is just the right thing for you. 

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