BiiSafe Buddy helps Niclas at work and at home

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We continue to receive comments from happy customers. This week’s submission comes all the way from Sweden. Niclas tells us how BiiSafe helps him be a better parent and stay safe at his job.

"As a shift-working parent of a 5 year old and a 3 year old, and as a freelance photographer, my everyday life is constantly at full speed. 

Every day makes me wonder how I had survived without a BiiSafe Buddy before. Just think about how much time you’ve spent looking for your keys! I would rather spend this time with my kids. 

I work as a freelance photographer and carry a lot of valuable equipment I couldn’t stand to lose. Buddy helps me keep track of it while I’m out on an assignment. 

My kids are very active and it’s becoming harder and harder to keep a watchful parental eye on them. I am now going to get a BiiSafe Buddy for all my loved ones, to share their location information in a circle.

Thanks for great product that keeps us safe!"

Got your own story about how BiiSafe Buddy makes your daily life easier? Drop us a line at with subject line “BiiSafe Buddy feedback" for a chance to win a free BiiSafe Buddy. 


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