BiiSafe Buddy helps find lost keys

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BiiSafe Buddy helps people around the world find lost keys and keep their family safe. This week’s story comes from Remco V. in the Netherlands.

"I recently bought the Buddy because I was losing my keys and my phone all the time. Apart from the stress it causes it also forced me to buy many spare keys. I was looking for something that could remind me where I left my keys and my phone. 

When I received the gadget I immediately downloaded the app and started playing with the key finder. Nowadays I use BiiSafe Buddy very often to find both my keys and my phone. The feature that makes it work both ways is really helpful. I can find my phone by clicking the Buddy, and I find the key through the app.

As I use my phone a lot for work, and I’m a lot on the road, I am very keen on the alert it gives me when I want to go outside. All my colleagues know about my BiiSafe Buddy as it always makes a sound when we go for coffee or lunch.

One of my colleagues has also bought one for the many keys we have at work. He is always moving between buildings, and often comes back for his keys. It saves him a lot of time, and we all remind him of the alert we hear.

The share location option is my last resort option, which I luckily only had to use once. When I left a party I didn’t hear my phone and wanted to let my friends know I was safe.

BiiSafe Buddy is a neat device in an attractive cover that gives me all the features I was looking for."

Got your own story about how BiiSafe Buddy makes your daily life easier? Drop us a line at with subject line “BiiSafe Buddy feedback" for a chance to win a free BiiSafe Buddy. 

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