Find your lost phone with BiiSafe Buddy

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Buddy disconnected location on BiiSafe Circle web site

Quite many people ask us how BiiSafe Buddy can be used to find a lost phone. We collected few examples and tips related to this.

Learn how to:

How to find your phone inside the house

BiiSafe Buddy app settings

Throw your Buddy in the air

You can use Buddy's drop detection feature to trigger your phone to play a notification sound. Just throw your Buddy in the air!

Phone will make a sound even when it's on silent mode. BiiSafe Buddy app volume is contolled by the media volume of the phone.

See a quick demonstration video below.

Press the button

You can also press the button on Buddy to launch phone's sound signals if you have set them on.

Remember that other people in your circle are getting notifications when you press the Buddy's button. This happens if you have set the location sharing or distress signaling notifications on.

How to see where you left your phone

Buddy disconnected location on BiiSafe Circle web site

When Bluetooth connection is lost between BiiSafe Buddy and your phone, the location is automatically saved to our BiiSafe Circle account if you wish.

You can check the last known location of your phone online ( or from another device connected to the same BiiSafe Circle account.

Buddy disconnected message on iPhone

Other people/devices in your circle can also access the circle logs and see where you have left your phone.

Buddy will make a short beep when it reconnects to your phone. It's a sign you are getting close!You can then use Buddy's drop detection or button to locate your phone’s exact location. Assuming your phone still has battery left, of course.

BiiSafe Buddy app doesn't constantly track the location of your phone because this drains the battery of the phone fast. However, the current Android version of BiiSafe Buddy app has a special feature called ”Location update”. When turned on, the app will update the location of the phone to the cloud automatically in the background when phone is moved significantly to a different location.

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