BiiSafe Buddy used as a thermometer

Posted by Mira Tammisto on

Did you know that you can use your BiiSafe Buddy also as a thermometer? The temperature of your main BiiSafe Buddy is shown in the app's main view just above the map. This is a quick way to check the temperature when you are carrying your BiiSafe Buddy with you.

The new multi-Buddy feature in iOS gives even more possibilities. Leave a Buddy for example in your greenhouse and check the temperature remotely. You can add up to four additional Buddies to a mobile device. Just tap the Buddy's icon in the main view and choose Info&Settings from the opened menu and you'll see the temperature of that Buddy. The multi-Buddy feature will also be available with Android in the near future.

There is now also a handy wall mount available at the BiiSafe store to help fastening the BiiSafe Buddy. 


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