BiiSafe customers are happy with their BiiSafe Buddy

Posted by Mira Tammisto on


The first results of our customer satisfaction survey are promising. Over 80% of respondents thought that their expectations were fulfilled. Also taking the device into use was thought to be relatively straightforward. Half of the respondents thought it was very easy and they faced no difficulties. 25% managed with the help of the instructions. 68% of respondents would recommend BiiSafe Buddy to their friends.

We got also some valuable feedback regarding the product and software that we have put into production. Some respondents thought the sound notifications are too low. We have made improvements to the sound effects in the new versions of the app. This has been implemented in the Android app version 1.2.0 currently available at Google Play. The same improvement will be implemented in the next iOS version that will be available in the near future. We are also working on hardware improvements.

BiiSafe conducted the customer survey during August. A BiiSafe Buddy Duo Pack was drawn among all respondents. The winner is Robert S. from Ireland. Congratulations!


“I'm using 2 Buddys: one at my keys, and one in my wallet... And I'm happy with them." -Michael, Germany

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