BiiSafe Circle online service updated

Posted by Tommi Partanen on

BiiSafe Circle online map view

BiiSafe Circle online service has been updated.

The map view is improved especially on a Buddy device view. Some minor bugs and text issues were also fixed.

Now it’s even easier to differentiate the messages and situations generated by the BiiSafe Buddy app. All events with location data are marked with colors and icons on the map. Alerts are marked as red, location sharing as green and all Bluetooth disconnect/connect activities are marked as blue.

You can still access the full log list for each device connected to your BiiSafe Circle.

BiiSafe Circle online log list

Login to BiiSafe Circle online site from The site is optimized for desktop usage. To see logs and locations on mobile devices we recommend using our Android and iOS apps.

BiiSafe Circle is a cloud service offered by BiiSafe. The service is used to store and pass on data generated by mobile devices connected to BiiSafe Circle account both on BiiSafe Buddy and Home Monitoring apps.

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