How to find my keys and wallet? – New BiiSafe Buddy app version launched

Posted by Mira Tammisto on


New BiiSafe Buddy app version with support for multiple BiiSafe Buddies is available now for iOS at the App Store. 

In our recent customer survey we asked which additional feature our customers would like to have most in the upcoming new version.  Majority of the respondents (48%) wished to have the ability to add more than one BiiSafe Buddy to a mobile device. We are happy to respond to this need now.

It is possible to add up to four additional BiiSafe Buddies to one mobile device to be used as item trackers to locate lost items that are attached to them, such as wallet, keys or bag. The main Buddy is used for sharing location and sending alerts. The additional Buddies do not have these capabilities. The main Buddy can also be used as item tracker as well.

Support for multiple BiiSafe Buddies will be available for Android in the coming weeks.


Download BiiSafe Buddy version 1.3.0

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