Activity tracking, one possible BiiSafe Buddy feature in the future

Posted by Mira Tammisto on

According to customer feedback BiiSafe has started researching and developing new features for the BiiSafe Buddy. These features are still in the very early beta phase and no launch schedule is given.

Connecting multiple Buddies to one device
At the moment it’s possible to connect only one BiiSafe Buddy to a mobile device. We are determined to overcome obstacles related to supporting multiple Buddies on a single mobile device, especially on Android platform. When ready, this will make BiiSafe Buddy the first item tracker in production with multiple Bluetooth accessory support for both iOS and Android.

Activity tracking
The motion sensor inside Buddy makes it possible to use Buddy for activity tracking. We are currently testing out the first version of iOS app with activity tracking support.

User can set a daily target for activity level in the app and see if the target is reached or not.

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