BiiSafe Buddy often used as an item tracker

Posted by Mira Tammisto on

All the Indiegogo perks have been shipped and we have already got the first user feedback.

A significant amount (88%) of users ordered BiiSafe Buddy to be used as an item tracker, compared to using for location sharing (27%) and alert sending (31%).

You can attach BiiSafe Buddy to your belongings, such as keys. If your keys get lost, you can find them by pressing the app’s Find button. A new window opens that shows the distance between the phone and the Buddy. Unlike many other item trackers on the market, BiiSafe Buddy also has lights and sound that help you find the lost items.

The award-winning BiiSafe Buddy has also other advantages that include waterproofness, thermometer, durable and high-quality materials as well as a standard battery that can be changed by the user.

A special promotion with a reduced price of €29 has been launched for a limited number of BiiSafe Buddies.

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