BiiSafe launches a new generation of the loved BiiSafe Buddy - The market's most advanced and most powerful smart Bluetooth button

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BiiSafe Buddy helps people and businesses protect what is important

Espoo, Finland - 3 June 2016. The innovative software and technology developer BiiSafe launches a new generation of BiiSafe Buddy - the market's most advanced Bluetooth-based item finder and smart keyfob.


The new generation of BiiSafe Buddy is a smart phone accessory that works as the ultimate item finder (for keys, wallet, phone etc), as an alerting device and as an activity measurement tool. Special attention has been paid to the social aspect of Buddy - i.e. messaging, location sharing and alerting between people.

Characteristic of the new Buddy is the combination of a small size and a high level of design. Buddy has only one button, and by the push of the button the desired functionality occurs. Buddy service comprises the Buddy hardware, cloud service and a smart phone app. A free app can be downloaded for both iOS and Android phones.


We set out to develop a new generation on the basis of customer feedback from tens of thousands of users of the first  Buddy generation.  On the top of the wish list there was longer battery life,  stronger voice and greater range between the mobile phone and Buddy. We took on the challenge of development and we can now conclude that the new Buddy meets the customer’s wishes, says company COO Jouni Suutarinen.


The battery of the new Buddy is by far the most powerful in the market. It ensures Buddy approximately 2 years of continuous use. Buddy’s operating range and the signal voice are the best in the market, too.


The new Buddy can be connected to what matters to you and several Buddies can be attached to the app.  Buddy encourages to live an active life, where people’s safety is enhanced by clever alerting and location sharing, and where important things remain safe.  Stylish companion travels with you and also measures your activity with the help of advanced motion sensors.


The new generation Buddy is now available for pre-order on the company's online store and deliveries will start in July 2016. Updated and particularly easy to use Buddy applications will be published during the summer.


BiiSafe offers business customers a wide range of Buddy branding opportunities. Moreover, with the new SDK (software development kit) the Buddy can be programmed to do several new things and it can be integrated to other applications and services.


For more information, please visit or contact:

COO & Co-founder,  Jouni Suutarinen, puh 0401580858,


BiiSafe Ltd produces high quality, reliable and user-friendly technology products and smart phone applications to improve everyday life. The company serves both private and corporate customers. BiiSafe is constantly looking for strategic partnerships with well-known companies.

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