BiiSafe launches a smartphone accessory for easy location sharing – BiiSafe Buddy has already raised 30% of its crowdfunding goal

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BiiSafe Buddy is a stylish accessory for personal safety, enabling one to share his or her location and send alerts with a single press of a button to predefined contacts. It also tracks one’s keys or phone, making sure they are never lost again. Biisafe Buddy works with smartphones, iPhone and Android, over Bluetooth 4.0.

BiiSafe Buddy is now available for pre-order on the crowdfunding platform Indiegogo for $39 in multiple stylish finishes. The product will be shipped in February 2014. In less than three weeks the project has raised over 30% of its $35 000 goal.

BiiSafe Buddy can be defined as a personal safety device, bringing peace of mind when for example moving alone. It can also be seen as a parental device, leaving parents one less thing to worry about; kids can easily “check in” with just one press of a button, replacing the need of a phone call or a text message. Pressing the button shortly will send a location update to one or more predefined contacts. Pressing it longer will send an alert.

“People look for ways to make their every day life easier and less worrisome. We are happy to respond to this need. We believe that the simplified yet stylish design and wearability are also among the things that have attracted the BiiSafe Buddy backers on Indiegogo”, says BiiSafe’s CEO Jouni Suutarinen.

Contact details

Jouni Suutarinen, CEO
Tel. +358 (0)40 158 08 58

BiiSafe on Indiegogo:

BiiSafe offers mobile based safety solutions and related accessories for consumer and corporate use, at a great value price. Its applications are meant for personal safety and home monitoring. BiiSafe Buddy is a stylish smartphone accessory for enhanced personal safety.

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