BiiSafe Buddy helps staying connected to the most important people and things in one’s life

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BiiSafe launches BiiSafe Buddy to respond to the need of being connected and knowing help is at hand if needed. One can share one’s location or send alerts with a single press with this Bluetooth 4.0 based smartphone accessory and never again leave keys or phone behind.

A crowdfunding project for BiiSafe Buddy was launched at Indiegogo the 25th of October and the goal is to rise $35 000.

The service comprises of a smartphone app, iOS or Android, and a beautifully designed accessory. The accessory is wirelessly connected to the mobile. The accessory has only one button. Pressing the button will send a location update to one or many contacts, and pressing it longer will send an alert. The other contacts’ whereabouts can be seen on a map view from the mobile. BiiSafe Buddy can also remind with a sound if one is for example about to leave one’s phone or keys behind.

BiiSafe Buddy can enhance one’s personal safety when moving alone. It will also give parents one less thing to worry about when the children can easily “check in” with just press of a button and let the parents know everything is fine. BiiSafe Buddy gives also the elderly people an easy way to ask for help if needed. It is also handy for ensuring not leaving belongings behind. BiiSafe Buddy can be carried with multiple ways; in a keychain, attached to a wrist band or even as a modern necklace.

“We are very proud of the BiiSafe Buddy’s look and feel that draws on the simplified Scandinavian design. We have succeeded in capturing the two critical factors that are vital for consumers today; ease of use and stylish design. Today’s safety devices need to be wearable and possible to personalize according to one’s preferences. The high quality materials used in the product and waterproofness also enhance the product’s durability”, says BiiSafe’s CEO Jouni Suutarinen.


Contact details:

Jouni Suutarinen, CEO
Tel. +358 (0)40 158 08 58


BiiSafe on Indiegogo:


BiiSafe offers mobile based safety solutions and related accessories for consumer and corporate use, at a great value price. Its applications are meant for personal safety and home monitoring. BiiSafe Buddy is a stylish smartphone accessory for enhanced personal safety.

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