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BiiSafe Buddy – a smart button that makes your life safer

Buddy is a premium product designed for advanced geo-localization, intelligent location sharing, increased safety and measuring your activity. Thanks to Buddy’s superior design and unique color options, you want to keep it with you. The compact Buddy can be attached to your lanyard or keys, making sure it will always be at hand.

Intelligent Location Sharing

You can invite the most important people to your circle and then share your location on a map with them just by pressing your Buddy. Buddy shares your location and reminds about a meeting effortlessly or simply serves as a means of communication between parents and children. Buddy connects people and places on a map.

Finding your things

Buddy makes sure your important things stay safe. Attach a Buddy to your valuable items and it will make sure they stay safe. If you are about to leave something behind, Buddy will alert you. If you lose them anyway, you can use the app to see where you last had them. Buddy makes sure you don't lose your valuable items.

Your Personal Safety Network

Buddy increases your safety when contact with others is just a press of a button away. You can send alerts with your location quickly with the Buddy, so your loved ones can react accordingly

Track your activity

Buddy encourages you to live a more active life and invest in your wellbeing. Buddy has a precise motion sensor which counts the steps you take during the day. You can set daily goals regarding your activity and track the progress from the app.


Buddy lets students’ parents know where their children are and eases their concerns over their sadety. Children can easily communicate and share their location with their parents with a Buddy. Pressing the Buddy can send a pre-determined message, like "I'm home” or “Everything is okay”. Thanks to the cheerful color options, compact size and stylish design, Buddy is easy to carry with you.


Stylish, compact and easy to handle Buddy is the only alternative for senior citizens’ safety devices. In certain situations a phone or other communication methods might be too challenging, but thanks to the easily portable Buddy, help is just a press of a button away. You can use the Buddy to inform others of your daily routines or call for help. Buddy works with your phone, so it goes with you wherever your phone goes increasing the safety of senior citizens at home and outside, like when grocery shopping or on a walk.


Diabetes can cause unexpected situations when help is needed fast. Buddy makes your life easier and decreases concern over the safety of your diabetic friend. You can create a circle on the application and use it to call for help fast and easy. Calling for help can sometimes be challenging, but with Buddy you just need to press a button and your call for help is sent to your loved ones with your location. Thanks to Buddy, contact with others is just a press of a button away.

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