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Buddy is a smart button, designed to increase safety and promote wellness at work.

Buddy offers a digital solution to the problem of corporate safety. Buddy’s superior technical features enable safety improvements at work, such as precise location sharing, object and personal location, serving also as an activity tracker. 

Buddy is a smartphone accessory, which, together with the application, provides versatile functionalities on a global platform. Buddy can also be integrated with an existing corporate app. Buddy’s compact size and light weight make it a discreet companion, but thanks to its superior design you’ll actually want to show it.

Your Personal Safety Network

Buddy increases your team’s safety by making sure you are connected with each other at all times, even when you are alone.

A responsible organization can use Buddy to assure their team’s safety and make sure they get help when needed.

Buddy enables discreet calls for help, since it’s practically attached to you at all times in a lanyard, keychain or your coat’s flap.

Members of the team are added to a circle and they can alert other members of this circle by pressing their Buddy. The application sends the location of the person who made the alert, so the rest of the team can react accordingly. For example, the person working closest by can go and check on the situation when the alert triggered.

Unnecessary alarms can be canceled easily from the app or through the computer. Buddy can help ease and solve unclear situations. Buddy brings assurance to those working alone that help is always available. Contact with others is just a press of a button away.


Sharing your location and letting others know you are okay

Buddy goes with you unnoticed and you are always connected with your colleagues with it. Buddy allows you to send unambiguous messages in situations where you need an easy communication method to reach your team members in your work place.  You can share your location and situation easily with a Buddy. Buddy has excellent geo positioning features, which make it easy to share  location with other members in the circle. 

You can use Buddy to tell others everything is ok, to sign in at work or let others know where you are. In situations where you need extra help, you can use the Buddy to alert them or request assistance. Buddy increases interaction with colleagues and makes routine procedures easier at work.

Tracking your belongings

Thanks to its advanced tracking features, Buddy makes sure your valuable things stay safe. Attach a Buddy to your valuable items and it will make sure they stay safe. If you are about to leave something behind, Buddy will alert you. If you lose them anyway, you can use the app to see where you last had them. Buddy can be attached to keys, wallet, USB-keys or other important items you do not wish to lose. Buddy brings peace of mind by looking after your important things.

Wellness and a more active lifestyle

Buddy encourages you to live and active and energetic lifestyle with its superior technical features. Buddy has a precise motion sensor which counts the steps you take during the day. The motion sensor measures the activity and distance traveled. You can set daily goals regarding your activity and track the progress daily, weekly and monthly from the app. Buddy encourages you to track your activity and invest in your wellbeing. Investing in a device and app that promotes active movement increases wellness and improves performance at work.


Easy to use Buddy

Buddy might be compact but it has great features, high quality materials and advanced technology. Buddy is easily deployed to improve work safety and its usage can be expanded as an employee benefit. 

When connected through a circle the Buddies work together, but they can be used individually by each user as well. Compact design products are something you like carrying around with you. Buddy is a premium product designed for sharing your location, finding people and things, increasing safety and tracking your activity.

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