7 Corporate Gift Buying Mistakes

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Corporate gifts are one of the most effective ways of winning new customers. Do it right, and customers will adore you. Make a mistake, and your relationship will end up in the bottom drawer together with your gift. 

How many of these corporate gift buying mistakes are you making?

1 - Your corporate gift is not unique

Look at your work desk right now. Chances are, you will find pens, memory sticks, notepads or coffee mugs with branding on them. Most companies go for one of these gifts. While cheap and easy to get, they are just as easy to replace.

Stand out from the competition by choosing a unique corporate gift. Go for something your customers would value and associate with your brand. 

bad corporate gift

2 - Your corporate gift is low quality

When was the last time you thought of reordering from your supplier because they gave you a plastic pen? The quality of your corporate gift shows how much you care about the relationship. If it wears out and breaks after a week of use, the quality of your services will seem just as low. 

Choose high-quality gifts and they will never end up in the drawer.

3 - Your corporate gift is cheap

Buying cheap is expensive. Low-cost corporate gifts are bad for your customer relationships, your sales and your brand. You’ve done so much work building a great product and closing the deals. Do you want your customers to think that you chose a few dollars in savings over them? 

Give marketing the budget for quality corporate gifts and your sales team will thank you for it. 

4 - Your corporate gift is not useful

A forgettable corporate gift is the quickest way to the trash bin. Will they really choose your notepad over the dozens they already have? Is your memory stick actually going to replace their corporate Dropbox account? 

Give customers something they will keep using every day. Ideally with your branding to remind them of you. Which brings us to the next point. 

5 - Your corporate gift is not branded

Branded corporate gifts make customers 20% more likely to buy from you again. Branding will remind them of you when it’s time to place a new order. 

Printed logos are fine, but consider going for unique and personalised options. A branded smartphone app is the latest trend that top companies go for. 

biisafe buddy branded promotional items

6 - Your corporate gift is not meaningful

We often value the gesture more than monetary value. University of Zurich did a study on employee rewards in 2011. They found out that giving meaningful gifts to staff increases productivity by 30%. Cash bonuses had no such effect. 

Research also shows that 75% companies can immediately remember who gave them the gift. Be the business that gives thoughtful, useful and high-quality gifts. This will work in your favour when it’s time to reorder.

7 - Your corporate gift adds no value to your company

Finally, make sure the corporate gift gives value to your own brand. Does it add new ways of interacting with your customer? Does it bring them back to you on a regular basis? Does it give them a way of quickly contacting you when they are ready to order?


biisafe buddy branded promotional items

BiiSafe Buddy

BiiSafe Buddy is a great example of a corporate gift that avoids all the mistakes above. Give one to your customers, and they will keep coming back. 

This product is trusted by the best brands in the world, including Google, KPMG and Audi. 

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