IoT and insurance- Time to start the engine

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Advancements in the Internet of Things (IoT) have reached such maturity that IoT has became interesting to insurance businesses. There are several areas where there is a huge potential. Some of the most promising ones are:

  • Improving customer engagement by offering physical device and possibility for interaction
  • Risk mitigation solutions (either passive sensors or active user-initiated IoT)
  • IoT-facilitated analytics (e.g. user or vehicle behaviour, or whereabouts of insured things)
  • Insurance-on-demand or pay-as-you-use -policies
  • Intelligent alert centres and panic buttons
  • Upselling IoT gadgets  

 At BiiSafe we are forerunners of the wearable multi-purpose IoT. We have sold the award winning BiiSafe Buddy now for one and a half years. With 50.000 Buddies sold and experience from more than one hundred business customers we have accumulated significant understanding of market needs. As insurance companies are one of our core areas we have made a white paper that specifically focuses on their needs and potential solutions.

Please, click this link to get your free copy of our fresh white paper: “IoT is reshaping the insurance business”.

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