Branding for a New Generation

Posted by Alberto Guzman on

When you get a memento from a company, an event or an organization you belong to you usually get a cheap plastic bottle opener that you wouldn't dare to take out in public.

Why bother branding if it will just end up in someones bottom drawer somewhere. 

Well what if I'd told you you can brand something they would actually carry around and give some use to?

The BiiSafe Buddy is the personal safety device that connected to your phone helps you keep track of your valuables.

BiiSafe Buddy is replaceable-battery-device you can connect to your phone wirelessly (via Bluetooth) creating an electronic leash which will keep you from leaving your things behind. 

BiiSafe Buddy can easily be branded in the backside and showcase your logo  at all times. It is not a cheesy plastic gift you get at a fair, it is a statement piece with a Red Dot Design Award in its belt.

Of course you could engrave your initials or a logo on a lapel pin or a mug, but why not actually step into the XXI'st Century and give out some tech?

Be it for Companies or for your Country Club, branding a device had never been so in touch with today's world. 

If you would like more information about branding go here, minimum branded order is 20 devices.  

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