A luxury or solution to necessity?

Posted by Alberto Guzman on

Some people are still riddled with the fact that technology is more and more integrated to daily life and to the most basic of activities. Technology is an ally to help us keep track of friends, family and in BiiSafe Buddy's case things but to some the leap is still troublesome. 

So the question is, does technology solve a necessity or is it still a luxury?

To be able to actually judge a device or app there are three things we should take into consideration to see if it serves a necessity.

1. It does not create more tasks than the end function.

2. Works in the background with minimal maintenance.

3. Solves a daily life problem and makes us thing how we managed without it. 

All new technology takes time to get used to, but when you are these devices and apps prove to be a time saver and an amazing tool in maximising the way you use your phone. 

Anyways, be it a solution to a problem or just a guilty pleasure here at BiiSafe we bring you top of the line design and that luxury feeling that other devices can't.

Our Buddy has won the Red Dot Award, uses premium material for its construction and it has the longest battery life in the market (it also uses a replaceable battery).

Give it a go, we offer you both. 

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