Travel but stay connected

Posted by Alberto Guzman on

Traveling is more accessible than ever and it is more common to have an international plan on your phone when you do.

Texting or making calls on-the-go is sometimes not a priority when you are in a Fairy Tale setting. 

There is an easy solution, get a Buddy and keep your things safe and also use it to share location with your loved ones instantly!

How it works.

BiiSafe Buddy is always connected to you phone and you can use it as location sharing button to update your family of your whereabouts. The Buddy uses your phone's GPS to place you in the map, you can send as many alerts as you wish and all the locations are stored in your and their log. 

Mom, Dad or whoever is waiting for you back home can follow your steps and you decide what location to share.


Map yourself now! OH and greetings from the Road! 

Photos by Petteri Hilska in Bavaria, Germany.

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