Privacy in the Age of Social Media

Posted by Alberto Guzman on

Not so long ago people were actually not available 24/7, yes you read right... people were actually unreachable and harder to track than today.  

We have gotten used to the fact that we can instantaneously communicate with people at any time of the day and find out where they are through social media.

As social media becomes more embedded into our daily routines we use Social Media sites like Facebook to sign-in to anything from Netflix to an online newspaper service.

We are the FoMO generation (fear of missing out), we will check our phones and tablets multiple times each hour if we are not already glued to them in order to feel like part of something bigger. 


This phenomenon has actually pushed people to try to unplug themselves from their phone and try to keep social media activity private. 

The future of messaging and alerts is OFF social media, we use social media to brand ourselves and to put our thoughts and work out there but when it comes to our private life WE are starting to value our privacy more than ever. 

There are now hotels, spas and even areas where phones are not allowed in order for people to sign off a bit from this hectic social media invaded world.

The trend is even greater as young parents are trying to keep their kids off the devices or at least make sure that they are protected when they do use them. 


As you might know all Bluetooth powered Item Finders have an APP which connects them to the phone. But what you probably didn't know is that our BiiSafe Buddy Item finder is the only one that lets you share alerts, messages and location privately with friends and family.

This function in the App is called Circles and you will love it because its simple, built in and makes the BiiSafe Buddy Item Finder more of a power button you can push to connect with family and friends. 

BiiSafe Buddy's Circle function in not invasive nor public because you actually chose when to push the Buddy and who to have in this close network not to say easy as you only have to press the Buddy.

At BiiSafe we are definitely focused on making your life simpler and safer, not to say more in-tune with the technology at your reach. Give it a try and download the app, if you have family and friends all over the place like I do you will actually have fun sharing location and keeping up with family by just pressing a button a couple times a day. 

This is my circle, as you can see I do share location with my bros who live in different countries in Europe. 





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