Has the Digital Revolution reached your pocket?

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Millenials are not only more comfortable with new gadgets, apps and games they live and experience daily life through their phones. Social Media usually gets all the attention because it brought the biggest behavioural shift in a generation, but as dramatic as the changed was, it is only a phase in the ongoing digital revolution. 

The digital revolution has now shifted gears and is now entering a new phase, a phase in  which technology is literally reaching into our pockets and into our hands through wearables and accessories.

Will everything be connected to your phone? Yes

To some this thought seems something out of science fiction or a dystopian reality, but lets get real, we are not actually surrendering to technology we are just finally milking it to serve us in every aspect of our routine. 

Hear me out, I mean do you use a watch or an alarm clock? You most likely use your phone for all of this and more so why not use it to keep track of your valuables?

By syncing everything to our phone wirelessly we actually are making it easier to keep track of our things and we are using our phone in all its capacity.

Taking a cue from Millenials

Millenials might be the generation spearheading change, but it has indeed reached other generations and transcends age.

What makes millennials different is that they are not shy about their dependence on technology, carrying even a sense of pride in their ability to multitask, browse and manage dozens of apps and devices simultaneously.

The revolution itself is not only about understanding and buying new technology but about the ability to use all this new tech in your daily routine to make it easier.

BiiSafe Buddy an Item Finder that fits the challenge

With all this said, BiiSafe Buddy stands out because it is not just an Item Finder but a continuously evolving smart button that will continue to add uses to its portfolio. 

BiiSafe Buddy is the only Item Finder that encompasses activity tracking, in-app alert and location sharing with the press of the button . We also have the highest battery life, we have chosen to use a higher powered replaceable battery so that you can use it longer and don't have to throw it out when its out of juice. Read more here.

Smart Accessories should give you more than just a basic function, the quality of or BiiSafe Buddy is miles ahead of the competition.

Is there a feature you would like to see in the future? Would you like a free BiiSafe Buddy?

Well drop us a line with the coolest function and the craziest story on how you lost your keys. The best two stories will get a free BiiSafe Buddy.  

Email it to beto.guzman@biisafe.com 



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