Welcome to BiiSafe

We provide solutions for both personal and corporate safety & communications. Our products and services are designed to protect, assist, find and get help through prearranged procedures, customised especially for your needs. The BiiSafe range of devices and software, applications and service platforms let you run your life or company and allow you to stay in control and worry-free.

Our story

BiiSafe was born from a strong desire to create a safety device, that was not only functional, but also stylish and wearable. From the start, we have looked for ways to apply our technology into providing a seamless offering of safety. Since the early days, our mission has evolved into designing solutions that provide safety, communication and well-being to both consumers and businesses. Our design philosophy rests on a strong foundation of style, functionality and ease of use.
BiiSafe provides safety solutions for organizations and individuals. Check our corporate, personal and campus ready-made safety solutions below.

Campus Safety

A good way to keep your faculty, students and staff safe and communicated. BiiSafe offers easy-to-use safety & private messaging platform for better communication, emergency notifications & enhancing work efficiency.