Caring for your loved ones 

Caring for your loved ones and belongings

BiiSafe Buddy is a stylish smartphone accessory to enhance your and your loved ones’ safety. It can also help you to keep track of and find precious belongings, such as keys or wallet.

Buddy connects to your mobile device via Bluetooth. Install the free BiiSafe Buddy app, create a circle with your loved ones and you are all connected.

Buddy is a high-quality product and winner of Red Dot Product Design Award 2014. Buddy is waterproof, durable and the battery is replacable. Take it with you - anywhere.

Free app

BiiSafe Buddy app

BiiSafe Buddy accessory and app are available for iOS and Android devices supporting Bluetooth Smart (Bluetooth 4.0). The application is free.

Location sharing and sending alert messages require a free BiiSafe Circle account. It's a shared account which deliveres messages from a mobile device to another using a cloud service and data connection.

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Find lost keys

Find your keys

Use the app to search for your lost BiiSafe Buddy and belongings attached to it, for example keys or wallet.

Get alerted when you are about to walk away from your keys or phone.

Share location

Share your location easily

With just one press of a button you can share your location with friends or family and tell them "I'm here and doing OK". They can see your whereabouts in a map view on their mobile.

 Send alerts  

Send alerts and call for help

In need for help, just press and hold Buddy's button. A predefined alert message is sent to your loved ones together with your location data via your phone.

Great and easy safety tool especially for kids and seniors.

BiiSafe Circle

Cloud icon

All devices connected to the same BiiSafe Circle account receive the location sharing and alert messages shared by the user. Creating a BiiSafe Circle cloud account is free.

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Free cloud service included

BiiSafe Circle

BiiSafe Circle is a cloud service offered by BiiSafe. You'll get it free with BiiSafe Buddy.

Location data, alert messages and other notifications sent by the BiiSafe Buddy app are communicated between devices via BiiSafe Circle and mobile device's data connection.

You only need one BiiSafe Circle account which you can share with your loved ones. Just give them the credentials. Once they enter the username and password in the app you are all connected.

BiiSafe in Media

TechCrunch logo

"If you’re the sort of person who loses their keys in their own house the Biisafe Buddy has got your back. The location sharing feature is also neat.


Solo travellers safety device on Solutions á la Ellen

"This is like, super awesomely amazing. ...they’ve created what I wanted, but in a much niftier way – they’ve just used bluetooth in the device and let the phone do the tracking. Super cool."

Ellen Dudley on Solutions á la Ellen

BiiSafe Buddy review on AppStorm

"That’s why I can’t recommend small bluetooth trackers like the BiiSafe Buddy enough. If you haven’t purchased a similar tracker already, now is your time to go for one."

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