BiiSafe Buddy

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BiiSafe Buddy event on a map on iPhone6

Find your things

Attach BiiSafe Buddy to your things and our app will show you where you left them. You can also find your lost phone by pressing the Buddy within the Bluetooth range.

Share your location or call for help

Press the button on the BiiSafe Buddy to share your location and send a message to your loved ones - without touching your phone.

Free app

BiiSafe Buddy works with modern Apple and Android devices, including phones and tablets.

See the BiiSafe Buddy product page for detailed compatibility info.

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BiiSafe Buddy

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BiiSafe and F-Secure Launch F-Secure Buddy
Espoo, Finland June 25, 2015, BiiSafe, the leading wearable personal safety device company, has signed a cooperation agreement with F-Secure to sell and distribute F-Secure branded BiiSafe Buddy devices.

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BiiSafe Buddy has a new box!
The new slim BiiSafe Buddy box makes shipping and unpacking easier. It also requires less packing materials making it better for the environment.

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